Toranzo and Bolatti unanimous: “Cappa is fundamental for this club”


  Patricio Toranzo and Mario Bolatti, one of the few referential players to have remained in Huracan after the club’s remarkable performance in the last Clausura tournament, clarified that the whol squad supports the continuation of Angel Cappa. The team manager announced yesterday that he was about to call it quits.


Buenos Aires, November 12, 2009. TyC Sports. Patricio Toranzo was the first to speak: “He seemed out of strength to keep going. Some very good players have gone and things were dealt with properly in the pre-season. Angel didn’t know who his players were going to be.”   

On his part, Mario Bolatti explained “Cappa thought that the best decision was to take a step aside, but we convinced him [not to], because we think the contrary. We’re pleased with him and there’s no point in looking for a culprit. It would have been very difficult to loose our manager at this point.”


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