Match day 4 : the podium


Fabian Rinaudo on first step


La Plata, 02/14/10 (Diario El Día)



1)      FABIAN RINAUDO (7): Quite the game from the lobo midfielder who even struck the cross post in an intent from outside the area. He ran well and a lot to retrieve, deliver and play deep. In this game against the Academia, he went back to the image that stick to him when he first arrived in the first league, the same image which earned him his place on the team.


2)      MARCO PEREZ (7): Great nicht for the Colobian who anticipated his marker’s moves and scored the winning goal. He then tried a header that the goal keeper saved and kept the pressur on until the end with explosive counter-attacks. Unstoppable.


3)      LUCIANO AUED (7): The left-footed midfielder didn’t make the slightest mistake, which is worth the praise, because with so much running, pressuring and playing, one usually ends up sending an awkward pass which destabilizes the team. But last night, none of that, everything was rendered perfectly, from still passes to recovery. He finished the game exhausted.


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Rinaudo Fabian

Rinaudo Fabian
  • Club Actual: Rosario Central
  • Fecha de nac.: 08/05/1987
  • Nac.: Argentine / Italian
  • Midfielder

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