Exclusive: Banega not moving to Everton says agent


 The player’s agent Marcelo Simoniain, however, has denied that his client is going to leave Inter in the summer. Here’s what he’s exclusively told our reporter Daniele Longo.

 How’s Banega feeling at Inter at the moment?

“Just perfectly, he’s adapting to a new league and to new training systems.”        



He’s been struggling to prove his potential so far, why?  

“It’s just a matter of time really. Banega is a true ‘crack’ and many managers would like to have him in their squads. Every boss he’s had has been left impressed by him. Patience is need at the moment. I repeat that it’s just a matter of time.”         ​


Everton are said to be interested in signing him?  

“I don’t know, they’ve never contacted me.”        



Is Banega staying at Inter until the end of the season?  

“Yes, he has a contract and wants to win with this club.”          


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